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Lost-and-Found Labels

Have you found a lost item with a Lost-and-Found label? You've come to the right place to return it to its rightful owner. Please fill out the form below, so that the owner can be notified. This service is free of charge in any case, fundzentrale.org is a community organization and can be used by anyone at no cost.

Code on label Enter the code on the Lost-and-Found-Central label (codes are not case-sensitive and you can leave the hyphens out). Labels with www.fundbuero.org are valid too.
Enter an e-mail address where you can be contacted by the owner of the item you've found. Your e-mail address will be used exclusively for contact between you and the owner of the item you've found. It will never be passed along to a third party.
Enter the name you'd like to be called.
Briefly and clearly describe the item you've found. Include any details you find pertinent.

How do the Lost-and-Found Labels work?


Every member of fundzentrale.org is assigned a system generated code, for example 8BM-FDE-M65. As a member, you will be able to print out labels displaying your personal code and our internet address. The labels can be printed out easily and accurately onto standard labels (i.e., those available from Avery) from the PDF document available on the site.

If someone finds an article with your label on it, they can enter the code on this page. The e-mail addresses of both parties will be exchanged automatically. The terms of return can be determined by the parties involved.

lost-and-found label examples